Welcome to Fate/Apocrypha the Translation

Eternal Dreamer here, back to translating on a new project. I’m sure this project announcement will surprise some people since I gave no prior indications of it and it wasn’t in the submitted suggestions, but this is actually a series I wanted to work on even before I did No Game No Life. The only reason I never did so was because there’s another translator, CanonRap, who has been doing an excellent job of translating it on his website Quality ★ Mistranslations and on the Beast’s Lair forums, so I didn’t bother to do my own translation until now, which probably wouldn’t have been much different from his anyway. However, the upcoming premiere of the new Fate/Stay Night anime by ufotable (Just under a week away, people!) has reinvigorated my Type-Moon fanaticism, so after some negotiating with Canon, we’ve managed to come to an agreement of cooperation, with each of us working on separate volumes in order to speed up the overall progress. Since CanonRap has just finished translating volume 1, I’ll be working on volume 2 here at NanoDesu while he moves ahead to volume 3 over at his own site to and translate it at his own pace. (We’ll each provide links to each other’s sites for the volumes we’re respectively working on, and also host each other’s PDFs/ePubs once we finished editing each volume.)

Please note that each of our translations will be different in some ways since CanonRap and I have our own styles in how we translate, but we’ll be working together to ensure that important terms and names will remain consistent between volumes. Also, I fully expect that at least some readers will have either read translations of other Type-Moon works or have frequented the Type-Moon wiki to expand their knowledge of the various interconnected series. So before anyone points out how the terms used in this translation are different than they’ve seen elsewhere, I’ll say this in advance; there isn’t really an official list of “English equivalents” for Type-Moon terms, both because many terms have multiple possible interpretations and because there have been so many different versions in all the translations given over the years. (This is what happens when trying to translate something with so much complicated terminology it basically needs its own dictionary to fully understand.) As translators ourselves, CanonRap and I are going to be using the terms we think are both accurate and sound proper in English, even if they’re different from what you’re used to seeing. As a result, while some terms like “magecraft” will be the same as always, there will be subtle but noticeable changes in others, like using “Association of Magi” instead of the more common “Mage’s Association”. I just want to make this clear so there will be no misunderstandings in this regard.

Since this series is part of a larger franchise unlike other LNs translated at NanoDesu, I expects readers here will be primarily narrowed down to Fate fans, but I hope everyone will take the chance to glimpse into the Type-Moon universe and all its wonders. Currently, the Prologue and Chapter 1 of Vol 2 have already been translated and posted here, but it’s a long volume and I’m currently back in university classes, so no guarantees on when it will be finished. For those readers who just can’t stop themselves from skipping away, you’re free to go to CanonRap’s site and read Vol 3 as he works on it at the same time, but be warned that spoiler comments on this site are frowned upon and won’t be tolerated in the comments for the sake of other readers.

So, with all the explanations done, I’ll leave you to start reading. Hopefully this material will be enough to satisfy for the glorious day of ufotable-epicness that awaits us in the very near future. To end with the words in the style of a certain fake priest,

Rejoice, Type-Moon fans! Your wish for more Fate material shall finally be granted.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Fate/Apocrypha the Translation

  1. Thanks for your work. Can’t wait to see the translation of this series. With all the hype built up while watching the first UBW episode 😮


  2. yessss i have been waiting for this! my favourite fate title after reading the first volume.
    here’s hoping ufotable will animate it someday.


  3. With two weeks without updates, may I ask if it means you’ve changed your way of working and want to publish less often, or that you have just been lacking time lately? ^^’

    Thanks, I really appreciate all the work you’ve done so far!


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