Volume 2 Chapter 2 Complete!

Finally, after over two months of toiling away on this monster of a chapter, Chapter 2 of Vol 2 is finished! After some delays to IRL distractions, the chapter has at last reached its end, and with it the climax of Vol 2 two is at last within sight, though it’ll still take a while to reach it given that the next chapter is nearly as long as this one. A lot happened in this chapter, but in many ways, it was only the setup for the big battles and revelations that are going to be happening in Chapter 3. I also soon intend to translate “Apocrypha Material”, a short booklet that Type Moon released that contains character sketches and short little bios that hopefully readers will find interesting. There’s going to be a lot of updates this December now that my time is free, so please look forward to lots more F/A translations in the coming weeks!

Also, here’s a little quiz question to see how well-versed with Fate material and lore you readers are:

Who is the hero with a “foul-play” Noble Phantasm that Archer of Red mentions in passing in Vol Chapter 2 Part 17?

The answer will be obvious to those who are passionate Fate fans and know a little about Archer of Red’s legend. The first to post the right answer in the comments gets a free hug! ;D

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8 thoughts on “Volume 2 Chapter 2 Complete!

  1. Heracles 😛

    Huge thanks for this impressive update.
    Also, very nice of you to plan to translate the Fate/Apocrypha materials, I am pretty curious about what’s written on it! (hoping it’s not spoiler content for future volumes though)


    • Correct! Wow, didn’t expect anyone to get it just a few minutes after the post. Yeah, Heracles (or Berserker as he is known in Fate/Stay Night) is the hero Atalanta is talking about, since she did know him in life back in the Age of the Gods. For getting it right, here’s a hug! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

      Also, about Apocrypha Material, it doesn’t really have much spoilers since it mostly includes comments by the creators and such about the characters, so reading up till volume 2 should be enough. Though, there is a little preview page for the upcoming volume 5, but I’ll leave it to your discretion to read that part or not.


      • I-It’s not like I’m refreshing this site 15 times a day… [author note: Tohsaka intonations]

        Very happy it’s not spoiler content as long as you avoid the v.5 preview page, great!
        And thanks for the hug o/ (sorry, I can’t do complex “smileys” :P)


    • Oops, I guess I didn’t explain it right. While she did mention Achilles and his damage-negating Noble Phantasm, she also mentioned another hero who had a similar Noble Phantasm that works based on attack rank rather than divinity rank.

      Also, Volume 2 isn’t finished, it’s only chapter 2 that’s done and chapter 3 that I’m working on next. Sorry if there was any confusion.


  2. Hi EDreamer!
    I love Fate/Apocrypha and I admire your amazing work. Thus, I would like to know if there was any chance that you’d let me translate it into my own language, based on your translation.
    I know that the more you interpose languages between th original one and the last, the less it is accurate. However, I would still greatly appreciate if you agreed!


    • Hi Senolaps,

      We allow for retranslations of our work, as long as the proper credit is given. From our FAQ:

      “Yes, you are allowed to do this as long as you notify and send us an email at nanodesuadmin@googlegroups.com. Of course, you need to give credits to NanoDesu Translations, the translator and the editor(s) of the project.”


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