Volume 2 Chapter 3 and Afterword Complete! Volume 2 Finished!!!

Just barely in time for the New Year, Volume 2 of Fate/Apocrypha is now complete! Honestly, there were some problems that came up that made me think I wouldn’t be able to finish it within 2014, but luckily everything worked out. I hope everyone enjoyed the climax of revelations and shocks in Chapter 3. Now the two camps of the Great Holy Grail War that started this story have basically collapsed from what they were supposed to be, and the true “antagonist” (to Ruler, anyway) has finally revealed. And to think, there’s still at least three more volumes of this stuff left…

Anyway, now that Volume 2 is finished, I’m going to first be concentrating on going through and editing, and as I announced in the beginning, CanonRap will be taking over for Volume 3 over at his Quality Mistranslations site. He’s already posted the prologue as a preview here, so you can go check that out right away. As for me, after I finish the editing and get the PDF/ePub version of Volume 2 ready, I’m going straight to volume 4, though I won’t be posting any of the translation until Volume 3 is finished first. But before I say goodbye for a while, I’ll also be translating something extra: Apocrypha Material, a short document containing sketches and comments on the characters by the story creators. It won’t really contain anything spoilerish if you’ve read up to at least volume 2, except for a short preview page of Volume 5 (which is coming out this December 31st), which I’ll leave up to your discretion to read or not. Expect ready sometime soon.

In any case, that’s it from me for now. I wish a belated Merry Christmas to all you readers who celebrate the holiday, and I hope you’ll all have a Happy New Year as well.

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13 thoughts on “Volume 2 Chapter 3 and Afterword Complete! Volume 2 Finished!!!

  1. I know the whole translation of volume 4 will take you some time but…don’t you think you’ll end it up way sooner than Canonrap’s one?
    Because it took you roughly 4 months for this book, while Canonrap did only the prologue.
    I’m not blaming him in any way because without him we probably wouldn’t be anywhere in this translation, but it is a fact that he translates slower.
    Thus what will happen?

    Or perhaps I misunderstood and he didn’t post anything though he did translate part of it?


    • Well, every translator has his own pace, but even then, the only reason I managed to finish volume 2 so quickly is because I’ve been basically free all of December and was able to focus entirely on translating. I’m not going to be translating volume 4 anywhere near as fast as volume 2 since I’m going to be prioritizing my IRL studies and work now that I don’t have to post regularly. And, as you guessed, CanonRap has been translating volume 3 without posting while I’ve been translating volume 2, though I am unaware of his current progress. Even if, on the off chance, I finish volume 4 before he finishes volume 3, I’ll probably just continue on to volume 5 in the meantime and wait for CanonRap to catch up. Please be patient in the meantime.


      • Ok thanks for your reply, and thank you for all you’ve done on this translation. It was absolutely great, and I sincerly wish you All The Best In The World for everything you’re going to undertake in the future. Studies included.


  2. First of all greetings and congratulations for your work and your team of translators, recently I discovered the universe fate by chance looking information joan of arc, I’ve seen any of the animes but that catches my attention is apocrypha , really I thank you for your work and hope to go on! I will be very attentive to everything posted 🙂


  3. Many thanks for all your efforts, EDreamer.
    You really brought happiness to a fan who had lost hope of ever seeing the full story of Fate/Apocrypha translated one day.

    I will be looking forward to more of your work.
    Best of lucks with your studies.


    • It really depends, since it requires both me and my editors to go through the entire volume. I can’t exactly give an exact date, but I assure you that we’ll try to go through it as swiftly as possible.


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