Apocrypha Material Completed!

All right, as promised, I’ve finished translating Apocrypha Material. You can find the link to download it by going to the newly added page here. For those who don’t want any spoilers, try and skip the Volume 5 preview at the end of it, since it contains quite a doozy of a plot reveal.

In any case, you won’t be hearing much from me from now on as I leave Volume 3 to Canon. Once he finishes the volume, though, I’ll post what I’ve translated of Volume 4 at that point and continue where I left off. Until then, please enjoy reading Volume 3 as it comes out and look forward to Volume 4.

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2 thoughts on “Apocrypha Material Completed!

  1. Is the PDF/epub of volume 2 still coming? I notice that the main page of volume 2 still hasn’t been updated to include the links to chapters beyond 1 on it.


    • It’s coming, it’s just that there’s been some unfortunate delays in regards to the final edits. However, thanks for pointing out the missing links on the Volume 2 page, it’s been fixed now.


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