Volume 1 PDF and ePub now available

Bet you didn’t see this coming huh? Also thanks to Castor212 for providing the PDF.

*Update: The ePub file has been fixed and should no longer cause Kindle crashes.

Fate/Apocrypha - Volume 01-1


– DevilHands

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11 thoughts on “Volume 1 PDF and ePub now available

  1. Dude, not for nothing, but whoever makes your epubs makes ones that will probably make any mobile reader slow to a crawl (If not outright break them!). The way it handles images is atrocious.

    (Link removed)

    Here, this is the same epub made to handle images more sanely.


    • Thanks for the info, the method used for the images will be reverted to the old method and a new file will be uploaded soon. Our testing apparatus is a bit limited at the moment. Also were errors in your image referral code.


      • Were there? Odd, but not impossible, I suppose. I did the references by hand, so it’s entirely possible I screwed something up, though I did reconfirm that they did appear in a separate viewer, and I just checked again and they all show up on both of my EPUB viewers. They also show up when I convert the EPUB to an AZ3W for use on a Kindle. It’s possible your testing tools throw up errors when the images are stored in a base folder rather than in a proper folder- I let Calibre handle where it wanted to store the images as I didn’t know if my archive tools could edit EPUBs.

        Anyway, for EPUB testing, you can’t really get better than an EPUB reader, right? If you’re Windows based you may want to check out Sumatra PDF (A PDF viewer that can also read a lot of EBook formats including EPUB), or the already mentioned Calibre for editing the books, viewing them in any format, and for converting them to other formats.


      • The previous epub version was tested by both myself and my adviser, he used the calibre viewer and apple iBooks (which is all kinds of bad) and had no problems. I use a Galaxy Note 4 with Aldiko reader, moon+ reader pro, and UB Reader for testing. I can imagine my phone is a bit higher specced than most e-readers. And about the Kindle thing. I dont have a Kindle, my adviser doesn’t have a Kindle, not even the other typesetters have a Kindle. According to a survey taken back in March a small percent of our reader base has a Kindle:

        Because of this, I don’t take AZW3 into account, I can only make so many people happy in a reasonable amount of time. At this moment in time accounting for a new file format isn’t very practical. But I do have plans for it in the future, so keep on the lookout.


  2. While we’re on the topic of future EPUB revisions, might I also point out that ruby tags exist?

    So instead of



    You might get better results with something like




  3. Apologies for earlier comment, I wasn’t aware the comments box couldn’t handle the tags.


    Replace the brackets with the appropriate arrow brackets.

    My epub reader can handle them anyway.


  4. Hello,

    Purely out of curiosity, could you give us a small update on your progress regarding the translation of the fourth volume?

    Thank you in advance.

    (apologies for being off topic, but I wasn’t sure where else to ask)


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