Volume 2 PDF and ePub now available

Hey everyone, thanks for the wait.



– DevilHands

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8 thoughts on “Volume 2 PDF and ePub now available

  1. Is there any chance you’d do the short story in the most recent Type-Moon Ace? It’s a redone version of the first short story released with Jack’s summoning.


  2. thanks so so much for the hard work of translating the novel for us. u r so kind and absolutely amazing. When will the next two volumes’ translation be released in this website??? can’t wait. keep up the hard work.


  3. Is it just me or is there something missing in between volume 1 and 2? Volume 1 ended with Rider of Red being hit by Archer of Black and volume 2 started with Siegfried already tore out his heart and gave it to the homonculus without any text of what happened in between?


    • There was an image with the images on some reader applications that caused text after the images to not show up. This should be fixed with the latest version of the epub I just pushed out. Thanks.


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