Volume 4 Start! Prologue and Chapter 1 (and Color Illustrations)

Hey guys, long time no see. After more than half a year of silence, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished translating Volume 4 and will now begin posting it chapter by chapter! Now, to be clear, CanonRap is still in the midst of translating Volume 3 over on his site (you can find a link to it on the Volume 3 page here), but after discussing things with him, we agreed that there’s no point to waiting any further to post it now that the translation is completed. Basically, I’m posting Volume 4 for people who are either aware of what happens in the later volumes or aren’t afraid of spoilers, so I suggest that readers who don’t want to be spoiler wait until Canon finishes Volume 3.

Also, I won’t be posting the whole volume in one go, since I still have to finish adding in the edits to each chapter. Whenever a chapter is completely edited, I’ll post it on the site. For now, the prologue and chapter 1 are posted and ready for reading.

Finally, to make sure there are no misunderstandings, Volume 4 is my last contribution to this project, since Canon will be translating Volume 5 after he finishes Volume 3. This was decided between us near the start, and our agreement still stands, so my part in translating F/A will be finished after Volume 4 is all posted, and this won’t change regardless of any requests. Apocrypha has been a fun series to translate, but I’ll be happy to finally put it to rest after all this time so that I can fully concentrate on Fire Girl.

In any case, it’ll probably take at least a month for me and my editor to finish tidying up the remaining chapters, so stay tuned for the next update soon. Until then, enjoy reading the beginning of Fate/Apocrypha Volume 4: “Cup of Purgatory”.

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7 thoughts on “Volume 4 Start! Prologue and Chapter 1 (and Color Illustrations)

  1. I’m sad that you wont translate volume 5, if that is so then we will never see the completion of this novel, that also means that it will be faster and cheaper to learn japanese or pay for a translation than to wait for canonrap


  2. Pliss, translate chapter 5 too… Canon has translated volume 3 for more than 2 years, still havent finished. I dont know how long i can read chapter 5…


  3. Guess we’ll never see Volume 5 then. Oh well, at least we have most of the story and the anime that’s coming out. Thank you for finishing Volumes 2 and 4 so quickly, I’ve got a lot of respect for the work you have put into this series. Here’s hoping Canon let’s you do the next part as well, and good luck with Fire Girl.


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