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Novel Summary (Source: Type-Moon Wiki)

The setting of Fate/Apocrypha is a parallel world to Fate/stay night where the Greater Grail was removed from Fuyuki after the Third Holy Grail War and disappeared for many years. Around the 2000s, around the same time as the Fifth Holy Grail War would have happened, the group that plundered the Grail, Yggdmillennia, openly declares their secession from the Mage’s Association and that they are in possession of the Grail. The Association dispatches fifty magi to retrieve it, but all but one are instantly slaughtered by Lancer of Black. The one remaining manages to activate the reserve system of the Greater Grail, allowing for the summoning of fourteen Servants in total.

This marks the start of the Great Holy Grail War in Trifas, featuring two different factions: the Black Faction, whose members are part of Yggdramillennia, and the Red Faction, whose members were sent by the Mage’s Association with the exception of one from the Church. The Grail itself also summons Ruler to act as a mediator of the Holy Grail War.

Fate/Apocrypha Team Biographies

Avatar (Eternal Dreamer)Translator – Eternal Dreamer:

Eternal Dreamer is a shy yet curious woodland creature of Otaku that has wandered alone along the edges of the Otaku Fandom forest within the greater county of the Internet for many years. When he was young at around 13 years of age, he encountered the strange new foods known as Anime and Manga, not realizing that they were highly addictive intoxicants, and since then has been so hooked on the stuff that he spends most of his days just lying around in a dazed stupor as he gorges on the stuff non-stop.

At 14, his addiction grew so great that he began searching desperately for any related snacks to one of his favorite meals, and came across a wonderful fruit called an adaption game. Then he grew very sad when he realized that this great treat had no variant that was edible to English speaking creatures, but he did not despair! Through perseverance that went against every fiber of his lazy being and a reliance on shoddy online translating machines and dictionaries to pierce through every single morsel of it, he slowly chewed through the game and eventually many other delicacies as well, until his stomach hardened and he finally got used to eating the Japanese food over the course of more than five years, though just barely. He even moved beyond the Anime and Manga bushes and expanded his range into the delightful fields of Light Novels, where he has happily been feasting since. He is even nice enough to help his fellow creatures to consume these Light Novels they wouldn’t be able to eat otherwise on their own, and joined a wonderful pack known as NanoDesu in order to deal out even better servings of the stuff.

So, leaving that fantastical little fairy-tale aside, here’s some succinct details about the guy:

-Contrary to his screen name, does not sleep a lot. (Actually a bit of an insomniac when stressed.)

-Loves most genres of anime and manga, both light and dark. (Though would rather be spared the more gruesome horror stuff due to soft and delicate sensibilities. Ugh.)

-Has gained a particular interest in stories about economy, psychology or strategy lately. (One of the reasons for choosing No Game No Life to translate.)

-Got to know about light novels through first the Haruhi series and a few years later Sword Art Online and others. Current favorite light novel is Oregairu (My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected), and favorite character is Hikigaya Hachiman. (Because who doesn’t love a good anti-hero? And in a slice-of-life story at that!)

-The mere mention of Code Geass and any related paraphernalia immediately makes him come running into the room. (Not really related to any of this, but still. Important fact.)

Hantsuki avatar

Volume 2 Supervisor – Hantsuki

I am writing this letter to expose the true corrupt nature of Nano and the abominable infestation many call “NanoDesu Translations”.

I am reaching out to whoever is reading this. Please help me.
My name is unknown to many, but most call me Hantsuki. How did I get that name? Well, it involves a story about a hospitalized tsundere girl…

Anyways, I was sent by the CIA to go undercover and find out the possible threat that Nano may bring in the future. Yes, Nano is an evil man.
He assassinated many great figures in history (like my puppy, my goldfish, and my imaginary friend).
According to my sources, he kidnaps people and brings them to his cave, and unspeakable horrors occur in there. When the kidnapped person comes out, he becomes a brainwashed translator for Nano.
Which leads to one hypothesis: he uses translators to do his evil bidding.

To get inside his secret lair, I disguised myself as an applying editor. Fortunately, I got hired even though I have little knowledge about the English language and its ridiculousness.
Much to my dismay, he saw through all of that. Apparently CIA is infested with Nano’s goons. He saw through my genius disguise (I was wearing a pizza delivery guy uniform). Safety? That’s a word you will never ever use again once you meet Nano.

His translators apprehended me, gave me the nickname Pantsuki, and tortured me for years. They also considered brainwashing me, but my mental fortitude proved to be a strong barrier to break (Rika, you saved me!).
Right now, I found a way to escape, but I’m running out of time. Oh no, I think they found me…

Avatar (Rhymes with Melody)Volume 4 Supervisor – Rhymes With Melody

Musician, Melody is fond of music. One day, she heard that the famous ND48 idol group performed in her town. Too bad for her, as she was captured by Nano during the concert, for he wanted to use the inexistant managing abilities Melody acquired. Melody accepted to help Nano only if she could listen to music while managing the talentuous translators and editors of ND.


To conclude with the story: Rhymes with Melody is just a regular supervisor who works only under consumption of high doses of classical or rock music.


DudeLong AvatarSupervisor & Editor – DudeLong

…Where am I?

Oh god. NanoDesu caught me.

Please, you have to hear me out! My name is DudeLong, you can call me DL for short. What I thought was going to be a great experience editing for NanoDesu translations turned out to be an elaborate trap. All that affection towards manga and light novels you may carry is just a carefully fostered web laid out by Nano to ensnare newcomers and bring them into his harem of lolis. You see, Nano knows how to play to your weaknesses. He caught me by opening an editing position for one of my favorite novels, “No Game, No Life.” No matter what happens, don’t be fooled by this group.

I may not be able to save myself anymore, but at the very least I can—

Wait, no! Nano, sto—

My name is DudeLong. I like videogames, otaku culture, and ponies. Everything is very happy and sparkly. I love everything in my life, including NanoDesu. Nothing is wrong at all.
sparklyandasdsparklysparkly. I love everything, including Nano. Nothing terrible is going on at all.
Elenrod's avatar Editor – Elenrod:

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I want to edit or anything, okay?

(RL fact: After the San Antonio Spurs lost to the Miami Heat in Game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals, Elenrod curled up on the sofa and marathoned Bakemonogatari to try to forget the pain.)

8 thoughts on “About This Translation

  1. “My name is DudeLong. I like videogames, otaku culture, and ponies. Everything is very happy and sparkly. I love everything in my life, including NanoDesu. Nothing is wrong at all.
    sparklyandasdsparklysparkly. I love everything, including Nano. Nothing terrible is going on at all”.

    HAHAHA that part made me laugh like crazy


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