Translation of Fate/Apocrypha Material

Hey guys, long time no see! I know it’s been a while since there’s been any update here, but I’m happy to bring you a new announcement: the translation of Fate/Apocrypha Material, the complete materials collection of everything there is to know about Fate/Apocrypha. Unlike the previously-translated Apocrypha Material, which was just a short book of sketches and comments, F/AM contains the full works, from descriptions of the variety of terms that appear in the series to illustrations of characters and objects done in painstaking detail. I’m translating it in collaboration with, an online database of previous Type Moon materials that I highly recommend for people searching for officially released information of TM works. Tmdict will be posting the glossary terms that appear in F/AM on their site, and they’ve generously helped by providing the scans and helping to edit the translation. For the time being, I’ll be focusing exclusively on the glossary terms, but afterwards I’ll be moving on the comments and descriptions that accompany the illustrations section of the collection, and I hope to bring you guys a complete PDF and ePub of it by the end.

Also, I think this goes without saying, but F/AM is full of heavy spoilers for the series, so I propose caution to those who aren’t already far into the series. Still, I hope that translating this will provide you all with a lot of new and interesting insight into the Apocrypha world, and that you enjoy reading it in a different way from the novels themselves. I’ll be updating according to each section of the glossary (organized by Japanese alphabetical order), with the A-section currently posted (and also containing the descriptions of the Red Servants, for those interested), so look forward to more in the near future.

Zugzwang PDF And Epub

Hey everyone here’s a small PDF and ePub for Zugzwang. Enjoy.


– DH

Short Story: Zugzwang Translated!

Hey guys, long time no see. I’m afraid I don’t have any news about the progress of the project yet, but I do have something new for you to feast on: a F/A short story that was recently released in the Type Moon Ace magazine. Similar to the original short story “Unbirth”, which was released way back when before the light novel series started, it follows the story of Assassin of Black and her Master Rikudou Reika before they arrive in Romania to participate in the Great Holy War. This story isn’t a simple rewrite of Unbirth, though; it’s a brand new tale that expands on what happened after Reika became Assassin’s Master. No need to worry about spoilers, either, since the story mostly deals with bonus material that doesn’t particular impact reading the novels, so there shouldn’t be a problem if you have read at least up to Vol 2. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy this extra piece in the Fate/Apocrypha series, as you wait for more of Vol 3.

Here’s the link.

P.S. Again, I am not in a position to talk about Canon Rap’s progress on Vol 3, so please do not direct your questions regarding it to me. I say this to avoid any misunderstandings on the matter.

Volume 2 PDF and ePub now available

Hey everyone, thanks for the wait.



– DevilHands

Volume 1 PDF and ePub now available

Bet you didn’t see this coming huh? Also thanks to Castor212 for providing the PDF.

*Update: The ePub file has been fixed and should no longer cause Kindle crashes.

Fate/Apocrypha - Volume 01-1


– DevilHands

Apocrypha Material Completed!

All right, as promised, I’ve finished translating Apocrypha Material. You can find the link to download it by going to the newly added page here. For those who don’t want any spoilers, try and skip the Volume 5 preview at the end of it, since it contains quite a doozy of a plot reveal.

In any case, you won’t be hearing much from me from now on as I leave Volume 3 to Canon. Once he finishes the volume, though, I’ll post what I’ve translated of Volume 4 at that point and continue where I left off. Until then, please enjoy reading Volume 3 as it comes out and look forward to Volume 4.

Volume 2 Chapter 3 and Afterword Complete! Volume 2 Finished!!!

Just barely in time for the New Year, Volume 2 of Fate/Apocrypha is now complete! Honestly, there were some problems that came up that made me think I wouldn’t be able to finish it within 2014, but luckily everything worked out. I hope everyone enjoyed the climax of revelations and shocks in Chapter 3. Now the two camps of the Great Holy Grail War that started this story have basically collapsed from what they were supposed to be, and the true “antagonist” (to Ruler, anyway) has finally revealed. And to think, there’s still at least three more volumes of this stuff left…

Anyway, now that Volume 2 is finished, I’m going to first be concentrating on going through and editing, and as I announced in the beginning, CanonRap will be taking over for Volume 3 over at his Quality Mistranslations site. He’s already posted the prologue as a preview here, so you can go check that out right away. As for me, after I finish the editing and get the PDF/ePub version of Volume 2 ready, I’m going straight to volume 4, though I won’t be posting any of the translation until Volume 3 is finished first. But before I say goodbye for a while, I’ll also be translating something extra: Apocrypha Material, a short document containing sketches and comments on the characters by the story creators. It won’t really contain anything spoilerish if you’ve read up to at least volume 2, except for a short preview page of Volume 5 (which is coming out this December 31st), which I’ll leave up to your discretion to read or not. Expect ready sometime soon.

In any case, that’s it from me for now. I wish a belated Merry Christmas to all you readers who celebrate the holiday, and I hope you’ll all have a Happy New Year as well.