Fate/Apocrypha Material

Fate/Apocrypha Material is a complete collection of side materials for Fate/Apocrypha, containing all the in-universe settings and backstories designed by the author Higashide Yuuichirou and accompanied by illustrative drawings made by the illustrator Konoe Ototsugu. Unlike Apocrypha Material, this collection is very spoiler heavy, so be careful if you haven’t read far into the series yet. The translation of this collection is done in collaboration with tmdict.com, who are responsible for providing the scans and editing the translations. I highly recommend visiting their site to find any official information on Type Moon material.

For the time being, I’ll be focusing on posting the glossary section of the collection. I’ll be posting parts of it at a time, and when it’s done I’ll work on creating a full PDF and ePub of the entire thing. Please look forward to it.

Glossary (Note: It is organized according to the standard Japanese alphabetical order.)

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