Glossary Ra

-La Pucelle [Noble Phantasm]
Crimson Holy Maiden. The suicide-type Noble Phantasm used by Ruler. It is a Conceptual Weapon that crystalizes one’s mental landscape. It uses the Sword of St-Catherine, which Ruler never swung once in her lifetime, as its catalyst, and manifests the flames which once burned her to death. By using this Noble Phantasm, Ruler loses her own life. But in exchange for her life, she can annihilate anything in existence.
Its designated rank of C refers only to its pre-activated state while the sword is still sheathed. The EX rank after activating is because its pure destructive power cannot be calculated. These flames only destroy that which she thinks must be destroyed. In other words, this Noble Phantasm cannot be used against simply a strong enemy or out of emotions like hate.
These flames exist in order to save something, and in the novels she decided to use this Noble Phantasm out of her sense of duty to save the future of humanity.

-La Black Luna [Noble Phantasm]
Magic Flute that Calls Panic. The Noble Phantasm of Rider of Black, Astolfo. Among his abundant Noble Phantasms, it is the only average one that isn’t very cheat-like. It’s an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, but its power isn’t that great, and while it’s effective against small-fry enemies such as Dragon Tooth Warriors, it’s a bit unreliable against other Servants.
However, just as the name magic flute implies, the true fearsomeness of this Noble Phantasm is the chaos and confusion caused by the shock of its overblown sound. If someone skilled with the flute blows this flute (though it’s much bigger than a normal one), it’s capable of even taking away all hearing from the target. Their ability to fight won’t necessarily be stopped just by cutting off one of their five senses or by being sent into disorder, but even so, lacking the ability to hear would disadvantage a Servant, at least a little.
It wouldn’t be much of a handicap for highly experienced Servants, but during clashes between first-rate Servants, there are times where the slight opening it creates can decide the battle.
In that sense, it truly is an auxiliary Noble Phantasm.

-Right Hand, Evil Eater / Left Hand, Xanadu Matrix [Noble Phantasm]
Right Arm, Transgression Consumption / Left Arm, Foundation of Heaven’s Gift.
The Noble Phantasms used by Shirou Kotomine since the time of the Third Holy Grail War. They are the legend materialization type. They are both Rank D. The right arm possesses the same function as the skill “Eye of the Mind (True)” and the left arm has the same function as the skill “Eye of the Mind (False)”, and they both strengthen the power of Baptism Rites.
By linking to the foundation of all forms of magecraft, these Noble Phantasms make it possible to use, to a certain degree, even magecraft that the user shouldn’t know of except as general knowledge. They are handy and convenient Noble Phantasms, but even if Shirou was summoned as a Caster, he still wouldn’t stand a chance against a first-rate magus like Medea.
However, this modest blessing of being able to use any magecraft without needing to master them is what allowed him to gain complete control of the Greater Grail.

-Reines El-Melloi Archisorte [Person]
→Go check out “Lord El Melloi II Case Files”.
…But it would be too much to leave it at just that. She is the legitimate successor of the El Melloi clan. She is Lord El Melloi II’s younger stepsister. Her existence was hinted at in the El Melloi II entry of “Character material” which was published in 2006. In this series, she made a grand appearance along with her mercury maid Trimmau.
She only has a minor supporting role in this work, so her character was made a bit sweeter and childish than other works. Her hiding in a cardboard box and shouting “Boo!” with a hearty laugh is an excellent indication of this.
When her predecessor Kayneth went off in high spirits with his fiancée Sola-Ui to participate in the Holy Grail War and ended up magnificently having the table turned on him, Reines apparently had a dispute with the Sophia-Ri family, and she is still on bad terms with them even today.

-Rikudou Reika [Person]
The female Master of Assassin of Black. She is the only Black Master who is not a member of the Yggdmillennia clan. When she was young, she was a highly cultivated young lady from a wealthy family, but after her parents died in an accident, she fell into a degraded lifestyle in the blink of an eye and, in the present, ended up supporting a certain man while working as a prostitute.
That man is Sagara Hyouma. By using hypnosis to control Reika and make her completely trust him, he used her as a sacrifice to summon Jack the Ripper. However, Jack was summoned before Reika died, and Reika formed a contract with Jack before Hyouma could. The original summoner Sagara Hyouma was killed immediately after, and Reika ended up becoming the Master of Assassin of Black.
After hearing about the Greater Holy Grail War from Jack and going to Romania, Reika gathered information and prana while taking advantage of the fact that she’s not a magus, which made it hard for the other competitors to find her. She planned to kill the other Black Masters, but—
She and Assassin of Black met their end in Volume 4.
In truth, she is a unique natural genius and natural monster, the only one of her kind in this work. Her comprehension and observing eye towards everything is abnormal, and she continued to calmly slaughter magi while always maintaining Assassin’s superiority in a situation where the two of them had few weapons and little prana. Even before she left Japan, she turned the tables on and killed a squad of Yggdmillennia assassins with Jack’s help. In addition, she’s extremely proficient with learning languages. She can even smoothly speak in Latin.
She has no hesitation towards murder and possesses no unnecessary emotional attachment to survival, so once she decided to “steal the Holy Grail”, she simply strived undaunted towards that goal. Yet, her wish is nothing special. She simply acts following the optimal strategy, like an AI, for the sake of Jack, who saved her life.
Jack is the only one who she showers with human-like affection. This is because, in her entire two decades of life, Jack was the only one who saved her without asking for compensation. In a sense, Reika is certainly similar to Jack’s victims, but she differed from them in a single aspect. Her life was spent being stolen from and trodden upon by others, but she never tried to steal anything from anyone herself. Even though she lived her life going with the flow—spending an empty life that involved just beating her heart, she still tightly grasped onto her own life, at least.
From an outsider’s point of view, her life was completely meaningless. A boring, worthless life of only walking aimlessly while zealously hanging onto her heart. But Assassin of Black, Jack the Ripper, saw that life as meaningful.
Even if Jack had a cruel innocence that saw her mother’s visage in every woman.
Even if Jack would have easily killed Reika if things had happened even a little bit differently.
Jack, who had chosen “not to take her life”, was a dazzlingly beloved child to Reika. That’s why, when Jack was targeted by Archer of Red, Atalanta, Reika was able to protect Jack with her own body without any regret.
No matter how foolish an act it was.
She ended her life by her own hands without an ounce of regret.

-Discarded Servants [Other]
The Servants who experienced the bitterness of being discarded in the transition from the proto-version of “Apocrypha” featured in “Complete material IV” to the official light novels.
The one who disappeared first was Sakata Kintoki. As an enemy to the protagonist side, he’s a far too nice guy to fight, and as an ally, he’s very reliable. Furthermore, one aspect of the plot that was decided near the beginning was that “Frankenstein will use her Noble Phantasm and revive”, so Frankenstein had to take up the slot for the ally Berserker, causing Kintoki to be discarded. The next one to be cut was Musashibou Benkei. In his case, I briefly outlined him as a Servant who’s mentality was very complex which made him hard to act as a partner to a Master, but the Master-Servant pairs had already been decided and there was too little room for him to cut in. Most of all, there were three Lancers drafted in the first place, and the remaining two were Vlad III and Karna. The fact that he was a Japanese Servant also played a factor, so he was unfortunately retired from the running.
During this period of the plot creation, the following had already been basically decided: “Romanian stage. Vlad III’s big fame bonus. Central Servants are Jeanne and Astolfo, and the rival Servant is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada.” Therefore, the next one to be retired was Georgius. Since he would be the third saint in the story, he would have to be included in the ideological conflict between Jeanne and Amakusa, but I feared it would become too confusing. Also, considering the final outcome of the story, his value as a character dimmed further since his Noble Phantasm would cause the metamorphosis midway through the story, so he was discarded.
Now then, one of the two planned Riders has been discarded and left an empty Rider slot, so let’s think of possible choices. If possible, it should be someone really famous who wouldn’t be too intertwined with the main plot of the story… With that thinking, the candidate that came to mind was Achilles.
I want one more Servant suitable to act as a rival to Achilles on the opposing team from him. For example, how about his teacher Chiron? But in that case, one of the initially planned Archers would have to be discarded.
At this point, it was already decided that Atalanta would oppose Jeanne, so she had to be in the Red camp like Achilles. The remaining Archer was David. There was no problem with him as an ally character-wise, Vlad III was planned to be made the head of the Black camp. If there were another world-famous king on the same team as him, his relationship with Vlad would become complex… As such, David was the last one to be discarded.
This segment has already become very drawn-out, but, well, I have say to congratulations for them all getting to make a return in “Fate/Grand Order”…

-Dragon Tooth Warriors [Other]
An army of small-fry who fight using pure numbers. Originally, making warriors using dragon teeth is a form of magecraft that comes from Greece, but a magus of Semiramis’ level is able to use it of her region of origin or personal style of magecraft. This time, they were used as rank-and-file soldiers to defend the Hanging Gardens, with even flying types appearing, but sadly, they are still small-fry… As such, they were easily blown apart with one blow of Astolfo’s magic flute.

-Luminosité Eternelle [Noble Phantasm]
God is Here With Me. Ruler’s Noble Phantasm. By brandishing her holy flag, she can convert her EX rank Magic Resistance skill into an equally powerful defense that blocks all physical attacks. It is the crystallization of the legend of Jeanne d’Arc waving her flag on the battlefield and fighting to the very end with hardly any wounds.
However, each time she uses it, she accumulates damages, so naturally she can’t withstand an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm multiple times in a row. Also, only Heroic Spirits who had witnessed Jeanne’s legend in life—in other words, only Gilles, in his past form as a Marshal of France, can use this Noble Phantasm besides Jeanne.
There are various theories about the flag’s design, with many popular suggestions featuring angels or flowers (specifically, the iris flower). Incidentally, Jeanne uses this flag mostly to attack in battle. “There’s a spear-point at the tip, so it’s a divine sign that this flag should be used to strike the enemy,” is what she says as an excuse each time one of the Servants she passes judgement on protests about it. Please stop.

-Legend of Dracula [Noble Phantasm]
Tradition of Blood. The forbidden Noble Phantasm of Lancer of Black, Vlad III. In Romania, Vlad is treated as a hero, but this Noble Phantasm releases his abilities as the “Vampire Dracula”, who possesses great fame worldwide except for Romania. In that sense, it resembles the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Aerial Gardens of Vanity” which is also a fictional legend.
This Noble Phantasm grants the power of vampires from fiction, making Vlad capable of turning even Servants into fellow vampires through the act of sucking their blood. He can also change form into mist or a flurry of bats, and all physical damage is negated when he is in those forms.
Besides his fangs and superhuman strength, his weapons include stakes which he can create from within his body to stab his enemies. Though his thought processes are weakened equivalent to the effect of Mad Enhancement, if you look at his overall abilities, his strength is greater in this form than Vlad III as a sovereign.

-Laeticia [Person]
The French girl who Ruler chose as her possession vessel. She’s a decent and honest person who has no Magic Circuits, but her religious piety alone surpasses that of others. Though she has lived an extremely normal life, she loaned her body upon Jeanne d’Arc’s request. Her facial features and style is only partly similar to Ruler’s. Due the effects of the possession, her body was somewhat changed to match Ruler’s. After Ruler left her body, she returned to normal.
She served as the witness to Ruler and Sieg’s relationship, and she was, in a certain sense, the final stronghold for Jeanne, a sheep that allowed Jeanne not to notice her own feelings of love.
She is an ordinary person who got dragged into the Great Holy Grail War, but emotionally it was like watching a movie inside a dream for her, and after it ended her memories of it wore away in the blink of an eye. Even so, she doesn’t make vague prayers anymore, as she found a direction for her prayers in the form of wishing that “those two may find happiness together”, and she prays believing in such small miracles every day.

-Lord El Melloi II [Person]
Waver Velvet, who appeared in “Fate/Zero”. This is him roughly ten years after those events. He was half-forced to inherit the title of El Melloi II by Reines and spend his days working hard to repay his debt and repair the family’s Magic Crest while teaching students as a professor.
To find out more about him, go check out “Character material”. Even in the “Fate/Apocrypha” world, he fought alongside Rider, Iskander, in a subspecies Holy Grail War against Kayneth—that’s the setting here, anyway.
After the end of the novels, Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia also ends up joining El Melloi II’s class.

-Roche Frain Yggdmillennia [Person]
One of the Black Masters. Thirteen years old, and the youngest skilled magus of the Black Masters excluding Caules. His character concept is something like “a pupil and his teacher who he doesn’t really disagree with, but fatally misunderstands”. His talent with golem-making techniques stood out above the rest from a young age and he made even further leaps and bounds after he received the transplant of his family’s Magic Crest.
When he summoned Avicebron, he privately thought that “he wasn’t anything great” at first, but he couldn’t help being moved by the overwhelming beauty and toughness of the golems that Avicebron made. After that, he became Avicebron loyal pupil—but he never expected that Avicebron would go as far as to take his life.
Even when he heard from Avicebron that exceptional Magic Circuits were needed as the core to “Golem Keter Malkuth: Royal Crown, the Light of Wisdom”, he didn’t pay it any mind, never thinking that “he himself” fit those conditions.
In that case, what should Roche have done in order for him and Caster of Black to have understood each other better? Unfortunately, there was no means of saving him from his fate besides ordering Caster to kill himself with a Command Spell. One of these two in this Master-Servant pair would have to die without exception.
Though it was a summoning done with a catalyst, this Master and Servant are extremely compatible in terms of mentality, but their respective trends and way of thinking were both too extreme.
Incidentally, if you were to ask why Roche is the only character that was made thirteen years old… my memories are fuzzy, but I think the “Giant Robo” OVA that I own was the cause. For good or ill, the idea of a remote control robot (as in, Testsujin) stuck to me.

-Rocco Belfeban [Person]
The dean of the Department of Summoning. The Department of Summoning is a subordinate organization to the Department of Spiritual Evocation, which ended up being regarded very highly only in the “Fate/Apocrypha” world. As you all already know, subspecies Holy Grail Wars are held all over the place in the “Apo” world, so the Association of Magi had to quickly form countermeasures. At first, every magecraft department even slightly linked to Servant summoning techniques were scrambling to reap the benefits before each other, causing ugly conflicts to continue even after a Holy Grail War ended, so it was decided to treat “everything related to Servants of the Holy Grail War” under the category of “summoning”, entrusting all responsibility to an assured conservative in the Association.
That conservative is this old man, Rocco Belfeban. Status-wise, he is effectively a “proxy Lord”. Of course, since there is a conservative faction, there is also a reformist faction, and they strongly recommended Lord El Melloi II, who survived the largest-scale subspecies Holy Grail War in history, for the position instead. (However, the El Melloi clan’s stance is conservative, and El Melloi II’s own position is neither conservative nor reformist, maintaining a complicatedly neutral stance.)
Fortunately, both of them are well aware of the threat of subspecies Holy Grail Wars, and their views match in that they prioritize resolving the situation over the gains for their respective factions.
Rocco is a collection maniac, and yet by contrast is quite sloppy with what he collects. He’s the type to be completely neglectful by using Mystic Codes that activate just by having them on hand. He has stated in quite a carefree manner, “It’s fine as long as I have just Mystic Codes that resist against curses”. No, it’s not fine. He doesn’t involve himself much with the students, so there are lots of rumors like “The old man’s private room is becoming more and more of an entirely different world every year” about him.

-Rottweil Berzinsky [Person]
A Red Master. His nickname is Silver Lizard. Just like the other Red Masters such as Gene Ram and the Pentel Brothers, he has fought both together and against Shishigou at various times in the past. He is obsessed with animals, particularly lizards, and the skin on almost all his vital spots besides his face are covered with silver scales.
He and the others were given such individualistic settings, but they were all completely defeated with Semi-sama’s attack of “Now, now, have a cup of tea”.

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  2. i hate how it sounds like that it was higashide that removed the 4 servants or that he created achilles or chiron but that was all nasu

    fun fact: Kintoki was removed from the cast is probably Nasu’s biggest guilty pleasure and he feels sad about it because Kintoki is one of his favourite servants (Lately he decide that, Kintoki cameos in Koha Ace, mentioned in Hibichika radio and becomes special guest star in Chibichuki!).


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