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  2. Thanks for compiling it in a volume. Just a suggestion; you missed the cover art for the EPUB file, which you can easily add by putting an image named ‘cover’ inside the OEBPS folder.

    Thanks anyways and keep up the good work. ^^

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  3. I’m having problems with the EPUB file, not being able to upload it to Google Play Books. Can you confirm whether it’s on my side or not?


  4. Not sure if this is allowed here in the comments, but I thought I’d share my own PDF for volume 1(currently working on volume 2). I really wasn’t a fan of the tiny images and huge text pages in the PDF, which is why I had to make my own(with PDFLaTex).



    • Short answer: No.

      Slightly longer answer (and forgive me if this comes out wrong): In my view it is just bad manners to go and “correct” someone else’s work and then ask to have it on their page. You just don’t, not to anyone. If I had made a mistake and someone informed me, thats one thing. If someone saw I made a mistake and went ahead and corrected it themselves and then asked to have the originals replaced/hosted along side, thats a whole ‘nother bucket of fish right there.

      While I know that you don’t mean any ill-intent, my advice to you is to keep it to yourself for personal use only. If want to host it on your own website/page I hope that you formally ask permission, since it is partially my work as well as that of the translator and editors.


      • No, I understand and I’m sorry if I came off as rude. I really do appreciate all the work you guys put into all this and I have no intention on sharing my PDF without permission and will be for my personal use only.

        Keep up the good work!

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  5. Hmm guys i just noticed that page 199-212 the part where saber gives his heart to sieg has been cut off on the ePub version. I don’t know if it’s just my mobile or the file itself but i tested it with different ebook readers and it’s still missing. Can someone fix this problem for future downloaders? Thanks for reading my report 😀


  6. Oh sorry my bad, it’s chapter 4-6 the final chapter of vol 1. After 2 pages it just skips to the picture where rider is crying with sieg and next to that is the translation credits.


  7. Seems like the ePub is missing some lines near the end of some chapters. As I’m reading I found one: Chapter 1-3 near the end, everything after Asfolto’s description is missing. I heard there were some more stuff missing in the ePub, however I’m most comfortable with reading using ePubs. If you know any other chapters with missing content, please let me know without any spoilers.


  8. Question here why the new epub is immensely smalleron size, I meane the previous volume 1 was 15mb and the new is barely 3mb. It seems weird that it can be reduced unless image quality was sacrificed. I can’t tell yet cause ill need to compare both in calibre and I won’t do that until I’ve read it so it puts me on a wierd conundrum. Can someone be kind and explain this curiosity of mine?


    • I used a different image format this time around. Lightly compressed JPGs instead of uncompressed PNGs. The difference in quality (at least from my perspective) was of a minimal sacrifice.


  9. There are a lot of fans that were surprised to find out that the first two volumes (and some extras) were actually being translated in English as no one expected this to be actually translated (despite the demand for it). You’ve made a lot of people very happy. ^-^


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