Chapter 2-8

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Chapter 2


When nighttime came, Ruler arrived at the hideout.

“Sorry I’m late…”

After Ruler apologized, Sieg replied in a badgering manner.

“You really are late. It’s already deep into the night. This city is extremely dangerous at night. Wouldn’t it have been better for you to come tomorrow instead?”

“Ahaha. I don’t think it makes much difference for me whether it’s dangerous or not.”

Actually, she had gotten involved in various ruckuses on the way to the hideout—or rather, she seemed to have willingly gotten herself involved.

When she encountered people who had tried to use violence against others, she thoroughly carved the brutality of violence into them. When she encountered people who tried to cajole others with sweet words, she had smashed them with a pure and sound argument right on the spot.

Thanks to that, she had ended up arriving far later than planned… Ruler thus explained and apologized.

“Well, you probably won’t get injured, let alone die, no matter what trouble you get involved in, But even if it isn’t dangerous for you, I don’t think you should proactively involve yourself in trouble.”


Ruler giggled as if strangely enjoying herself. “What’s so funny?” Sieg asked as his frown deepened.

“No, I’m laughing at something to do with me. More importantly, where’s Rider? Don’t tell me he went out or is rampaging out in the streets or is running naked out in the streets…!?”

“Rider isn’t that ba—no, he might be that bad, but he isn’t causing any problems right now. He went into the bath.”

“I-Is that so? I dirtied my hands a little, so I’ll be borrowing your washroom.”

She seemed to have dirtied her hands with blood while saving and treating a victim. She couldn’t leave it like that forever, but she also felt awkward over washing off the blood in the kitchen sink, so Ruler tried to go into the washroom.

“…Ah, is that all right?”

“What’s all right?”

“No, I mean, Rider is in the bath…”

Most homes had the washroom and bath adjoined to each other. There was a possibility that Rider would come out from the bath while she was in there.

“Ah, there’s no problem. Neither I nor Rider are that bashful.”

After all—

“We’re the same gender.”

After saying that, she stepped into the washroom and shut the door. Sieg stood there dumbfounded at her words for a little while.


Somehow managing to reorganize his chaotic thoughts, Sieg finally realized that Ruler was under a fatal misunderstanding, and he hurriedly tried to call her back… but by then it was too late.

As Ruler was scrupulously washing the blood off her hands with soap in the washroom, the door to the bath opened and a voice said “Huh?” in surprise. Ruler turned around with a smile.

“Ah, Rider. If you’re getting out, could you let me go in next——”

The next instant.

The world stood still. (Or perhaps history shook.)

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 2-8

  1. ““No, I’m laughing at something to do with me. More importantly, where’s Rider? Don’t tell me he went out or is rampaging out in the streets or is running naked out in the streets…!?””

    Shouldn’t it be “she” considering the rest of the scene?


    • Oh, don’t remind me. Dealing with Jeanne’s “misunderstanding” about Rider’s gender in the text has been a headache, since the original Japanese can avoid using any direct gendered words, while English is much less flexible. I might make a few corrections in the final edits, but it’s still going to be imperfect. All I can say is, just ignore the little inaccuracies in places like this and read under the assumption that the characters aren’t really specifying gender when they speak about Rider Of Black.


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