Chapter 2-9

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Chapter 2


Having received, through Assassin of Red, a notice from their Master Shirou to convene together, the Red Servants gathered in the throne room.

“—According to my doves, the Black camp has finally begun to move. Though it’s later than expected, they will likely arrive here in around four days through some means.”

The Red Servants accepted this news without surprise.

“…You didn’t call us all here just for that, right?”

At Lancer of Red’s question, Shirou nodded and raised his right arm. The countless Command Spells engraved on it shined with a dull light.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to command you all on the front lines. However, that will make it difficult for me to immediately react if Ruler uses her Command Spells. Therefore, I will use two Command Spells on each of you and raise your resistance to any Command Spells from her.”

Both their Master’s Command Spells and Ruler’s Command Spells had equal power of compulsion. Therefore, by limiting the activation conditions and using two Command Spells to do it, Shirou could repulse Ruler’s Command Spells with almost no time loss.

“That’s quite excessive of you.”

When Rider of Red murmured that, Shirou smiled boldly.

“Then do you all need extra assistance from a Command Spell in battle at this point?”


Lancer and Archer, who were also going to fight on the front lines, didn’t voice any objections either. If possible, they also wanted to avoid the pitiful end of being forced to kill themselves by Ruler’s Command Spells.

“Then I wish you all luck in battle.”

The Command Spells on his arm gradually shined brighter.

“I order my Servants with my Command Spells——”


Rider and the other Servants then left, leaving only Shirou, Assassin and Caster in the throne room.

Shirou spoke up.

“Assassin, Caster. With this, my role in the coming battle is finished. I’ll leave the rest to you all.”

“Do you have a chance at succeeding?”

“I do. The Fuyuki Greater Grail doesn’t have anything that can be called a will. It is an automated machine that lacks the will of a master. If I can reach the core without opposing it or coming into contact with it—”

“Your wish will be granted.”

Assassin of Red smiled. But Shirou shook his head and corrected her.

“This isn’t my wish, but the wish of everyone in this world—Assassin.”

The happy conclusion that everyone desired and continued to wish for in the depths of their heart.

“In other words, a brilliant summer shall arrive! And thus I will have written another masterpiece as well.”

“Exactly. Though we have to take down the members of the Black camp to do that.”

“Oh my, you’re not confident of our odds?”

“As if.”

Assassin of Red’s lips twisted into a smile. Though it would be a different story anywhere else, there wasn’t any need to doubt their victory if they fought in these Hanging Gardens.

“Also, we have Caster’s Noble Phantasm, right? However—I still have doubts. It’s true that Noble Phantasms are objects that embody and realize miracles, but… Can it really do such a thing?”

“Well… who knows?”

Assassin glared in response to Shirou’s vague words.

“If it works just as Caster says, it only manifests possibilities. In theory, it should be possible. We don’t need to worry about prana either. Though I’m somewhat uneasy about it, I will be defenceless until I completely bring the Holy Grail under my control. And if Lancer ends up being killed, you’ll have to make a last stand here. But most of all—it seems fun.”

Assassin could only stare dumbfounded at hearing those final words. On the other hand, Caster nodded elatedly as if he understood and agreed.

“Yes, the insatiable pursuit of amusement itself is essential. Then, using all the power of my treasured Noble Phantasm, I will show you the power of the written word, which not even swords, magecraft, fire, or lightning can match!”

Watching Caster and Shirou swell with excitement, Assassin gave a small sigh of exasperation.

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