Glossary Ha

-Bašmu [Summoned Creature]
The giant poisonous snake summoned by Semiramis, Assassin of Red, with the power of “Sikera Ušum: Arrogant King’s Alcohol”. It is one of the eleven demons birthed by the monster of Babylonian legend, Tiamat. It is a species of Divine Beast, the top of all Phantasmal Species, but even Semiramis wouldn’t be able to summon something so powerful in that rushed situation, so she only summoned its top-half.
If Shishigou hadn’t used a Command Spell on Mordred, she would have immediately died the instant Bašmu opened its mouth and released its poisonous breath.

-Balmung [Noble Phantasm]
Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon. The Noble Phantasm of Saber of Black, Siegfried. The Nibelungs, a tribe which lived in an underground country, requested that Siegfried fairly and impartially divide up and distribute their treasure, and he accepted the request. Balmung was planned to be given to him as payment for this. However, two kings felt that the allocation of treasure was done unfairly (both kings felt they were being treated unfairly, so it’s highly possible that it was actually divided up fairly without Siegfried favoring either one) and fought Siegfried, but he killed them in return.
The remaining treasure which no longer had an owner became Siegfried’s, and Balmung also became his weapon. He wielded Balmung in every battle after that. It is also said that he won in the battle against Fafnir thanks to Balmung.
It is a sword of twilight that has reached A rank and possesses the quality of both a holy and cursed sword. Perhaps because it was owned by a king, it specializes in fighting against armies, shooting off a semi-circular slash wave. The blue jewel attached to the handle stores True Ether to use as a boost when activating the Noble Phantasm.
Now then, it does have a fast activation rate for a so-called beam weapon, but in a comparison of speed, Siegfried when he was alive was the fastest in activating it, with Sieg being the next fastest and the Servant Siegfried being the slowest out of them.
Sieg possesses the “Galvanism” ability, which the Servant Siegfried does not have, and can draw out the needed prana all at once when activating the Noble Phantasm. The living Siegfried, on the other hand, had his inborn disposition combined with the transformation of his heart due to being bathed in and drinking a dragon’s blood, so he could draw forth prana and fire the slash wave even faster than Sieg. Unfortunately, the moment he was summoned as the Servant Saber, that special characteristic of his was highly degraded.

-Hanging Gardens of Babylon [Noble Phantasm]
Aerial Gardens of Vanity. The strongest and largest-scale Noble Phantasm that Assassin of Red proudly owns. Rather than being Anti-World, perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a giant Boundary Field. Assassin? The Servant that specializes in hiding and killing Masters? This is a dumbfounding Noble Phantasm that throws away such common knowledge to the other side of the horizon.
It was already referenced in the novels, but Semiramis didn’t actually create the Hanging Gardens. However, this “falsehood” that was included into Semiramis’ legend at some point over time eventually became true.
However, since it brings something false into the real world, it has to use real materials for its construction. If this were the true Hanging Gardens, it would be able to activate—to manifest just by releasing its true name like a normal Noble Phantasm, though.
It basically requires enough money to buy a small country in order to obtain all the necessary materials. Rather, the more money used in its construction, the more its Mystery deepens and the Garden is strengthened, “so, if it’s for the sake of obtaining the Holy Grail, you should have the resolve to become bankrupt, my Master”—is Semiramis-sama’s way of putting it.
In a normal Holy Grail War, this Noble Phantasm wouldn’t be used in the first place. Though there’s also the material cost, the real problem is the three-days-three-nights ritual for it. This is a necessary ritual in order to hammer in the nails of “truth” into this falsehood, this three-days-three-nights duration has no special allegorical significance to it; Semiramis’ chant simply requires seventy-two hours to complete. The bigger the Gardens are made, the more nails are needed to be driven into it all over.
Therefore, in a normal Holy Grail War, as long as Semiramis doesn’t secure an excellently concealed location beforehand, the Hanging Gardens are useless as a Noble Phantasm. And most of all, Semiramis won’t willingly try to make the Hanging Gardens unless her Master is interesting enough.

-Pankration [Other]
The martial arts used by Archer of Black, Chiron. Combining boxing and wrestling, it is most likely the first mixed martial arts in history. If you ask why the centaur Chiron-sensei knows something like this, it’s because ancient boxing originates from the god Apollo.
In Chiron’s case, this fighting style is included in “Wisdom of Divine Gift”, but he actually possesses skill in it equivalent to A rank. Eh, Plato-sensei? …His skill in it is EX Rank… probably…

-Hippogriff [Noble Phantasm]
Otherworldly Phantasmal Horse. The third cheat Noble Phantasm used by Rider of Black, Astolfo. There are cases when a Griffin, a Monstrous Beast, reproduces with a mare, which would normally be its food. What’s born as a result from this is the Monstrous Beast known as a Hippogriff, which has the upper body of an eagle and the lower body of a horse.
However, it is an impossible creature which normally should not exist. This is because it should be impossible for a child to be born between a Griffon and a horse, which are predator and prey. The Hippogriff existed only as a hypothetical and philosophical symbol. A Hipppogriff appears in the story of “Orlando Furioso” (The Frenzy of Roland), where Astolfo and his comrades also appear. This story includes the theme of “The Hippogriff makes an appearance here, so no matter how strange it may seem, there is nothing that is truly impossible”. In “Orlando Furioso”, Astolfo even goes to the moon in order to save Roland.
The Hippogriff that Astolfo rides is a “Phantasmal Beast” in the true sense, since its very existence is uncertain. As a result, when it is released as a Noble Phantasm, the Hippogriff can jump over to a different dimension, though only for an instant.
That dimension is the home of the Phantasmal Species, where only beings that are purely non-physical souls can go to. It is the Reverse Side of the World, which the Hippogriff, when summoned as a Noble Phantasm, can never reach even if it can temporarily glimpse it.

-Hydra [Monstrous Beast]
Among Heracles’ Twelve Labors, the monster he exterminated at Lake Lerna was the Hydra, a giant swamp snake said to possess either nine or a hundred heads.
Possessing both a deadly poison said to instantly kill all humans it touches and an abnormally high regeneration capable of immediately regenerating two new heads every time one is cut off, the Hydra is a Monstrous Beast with top class fame even among the other Twelve Labors. Shishigou Kairi accepted a young-born Hydra as prepayment and processed it. At first, he processed it into a knife as a final weapon that could kill even a Servant, but later he used it to make an antidote serum out of wariness towards Semiramis.
Though Mordred blocked herself out from it with her armor, it still wasn’t enough to completely block the air itself which was contaminated with the poison. The rank of the Hydra’s poison is undoubtedly top A rank. It might even reach A+ rank against heroes of Greek myth.

-First Folio [Noble Phantasm]
Let the Curtains Rise to Thunderous Applause. The theater Noble Phantasm of Caster of Red, Shakespeare. In the initial storyboarding, it had the power to rewind time, but since that didn’t have much meaning in terms of the story’s development, the idea was discarded. (The fact that a sorcerer might make an appearance in a work after the prototype “Fate/Apocrypha” also played a big part in the decision.) Instead, what emerged was a graded-up version of “The Globe: Seat of the King”.
It is a Noble Phantasm that doesn’t deal any physical damage, but it is the worst possible thing to face for certain Heroic Spirits. There basically aren’t any heroes who don’t have some kind of guilty conscience. Shakespeare can expose the traumas that everyone holds inside themselves, and by ridiculing or censuring them he can completely break their hearts.
The probability of being drowned and trapped within this Noble Phantasm is greater the more someone is confident of their physical strength. The only ones who can overcome this Noble Phantasm are those who can declare that they have not a single dirty stain on their lives. There are very few who can believe in something and have no regrets at all. If it’s someone who can directly confront the trauma they hold, they might be able to somehow manage to overturn Shakespeare’s piercing words, though—
When a Servant has had their heart broken by this Noble Phantasm, they receive the bad status of “absentmindedness”. In this state, they are completely defenseless, and as long as they don’t have a Noble Phantasm which automatically responds to malice, they can’t deal with any attack.
This Noble Phantasm originates from the “first” book that was published as a collection of Shakespeare’s plays after his death. Therefore, Shakespeare himself did not directly participate in making it.

-Feend vor Sembren [Person]
A former Red Master. An elite magus sent by the Association of Magi—the Clock Tower. He possesses skill worthy of being chosen to participate in the grand stage of the Great Holy Grail War, but he was put into a trance after drinking the tea that was offered to him. Naturally, he was on his guard and had defensive spells deployed, but it was all rendered meaningless by poison compounded by a Servant.
Perhaps because he ended up shamefully retiring before he even got to fight, the Sembren family gradually began to fall into ruin after this. His only son is currently struggling hard and making strenuous efforts in a certain classroom, though…

-Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia [Person]
A Master of the Black Camp. The current head of the Forvedge family. Due to the Magic Circuits in both her legs being deformed, she lost the ability to walk. Her latent skill as a magus luckily exceeds Darnic, and she would definitely rise from Frame (youngest child) to Cause (open rank) once she grows up. And her outstanding talent is so great that she was expected to rise even further.
However, she herself doesn’t know anything besides magecraft and is truly a researcher-type magus. She’s so ignorant of the rest of the world that she seriously asked in confusion, “The Net? You mean some kind of netting?” However, by contrast, she has great curiosity and badgered Caules over his cell phone and got him to buy one for her too.
Her skill as a magus is undoubtedly first rate, but because she was too exceptional, she never confronted the actual work of a magus at all. An obvious example is her memories of that stray dog. Fiore never forget her memory of it and continued to face it without ever shelving it away. She understood that it was something absolutely unneeded to a magus (especially for a magus in the Spiritual Evocation department), but she wasn’t able to throw it away, a sentiment that is far too much like that of a proper and decent human being.
She treats Caules as a cute little brother and in fact half-depends on him—but she isn’t self-aware of this at all and tries to act like a dependable older sister. Caules never boorishly points this out, which makes her all the more delightedly absorbed in being an older sister.
She uses Spiritual Evocation Magecraft, but she doesn’t communicate or have herself possessed by spirits directly, instead favoring Mystic Codes made of mechanical parts which have several animal spirits inserted into them.
After giving up the path of a magus in the novels, she tackles the struggle of rehabilitation for her legs. After that, her life will likely be quite stimulating for a girl who knew nothing but magecraft until then. Of course, her continued regret over giving up magecraft will also remain for her whole life, though.

-Fuyuki [Place]
A certain provincial city. In these novels, the Holy Grail War doesn’t occur there, of course, and as a result, the mayor of Fuyuki, Himuro-san, doesn’t get a pained stomach from that Great Fire Disaster.
And of course, that red-haired boy is living there with his original surname unchanged, but still having a honest and upright personality (as shown in his appearance in “Capsule Servant”), and likely going through days with a love comedy-like tone, along with a twin-tail magic-fist user and her cheerful little sister who laughs like a high-class young lady.

-Bridal Chest / Blasted Tree [Noble Phantasm]
Maiden’s Chastity / Lightning Branch of Crucifixion. The Noble Phantasm of Berserker of Black, Frankenstein. To be precise, “Bridal Chest” is the Noble Phantasm, and “Blasted Tree” is a derivative of it. “Bridal Chest” serves as Frankenstein’s heart. Viktor took out her heart and modified it into a sturdy mace. Through a remote link, “Bridal Chest” provides Frankenstein with enormous power by sucking in the residual prana in the environment. It is a pseudo-Type II Perpetual Motion Machine. “Blasted Tree” is an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that uses the prana from “Bridal Chest” and converts it into lightning, before discharging it all at once.
Since she is a modern era Heroic Spirit, its output is low, but as you already know, this Noble Phantasm served an extremely crucial role in the novels.
This is a digression, but the lack of the skill “Galvanism” in Frankenstein’s Servant data in the third volume was a mistake. I’m very sorry for that.

-Flat Escardos [Person]
→To learn more about this problem child, go check out “Fate/strange Fake”.

-Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri [Person]
Sola-Ui’s younger brother, who existence is briefly referenced in “Fate/Zero”. He is an utterly spoiled son of a rich family who inherited the Magic Crest of the Sophia-Ri family. A rough drawing of him should be included somewhere in this section. I believe it’s a drawing that really gives off the image of a guy full of confidence and pride, yet who will be inevitably dragged into a tragedy at some point, but what do you think?
His abilities are first rate, but he has somewhat of a trauma due to how his (future) brother-in-law went out full of confidence and yet came back in a wretched state in the past. In this Great Holy Grail War, he had the duty of collecting the catalysts for summoning Heroic Spirits. The fact that he gathered that many catalysts in such a short time was largely because the Sophia-Ri had secretly concealed and stored many of them and because he made use of his family’s connections to get the rest. It goes without saying that the collection of so many catalysts at once is limited to “Apocrypha” alone.

-Bronze-Link Manipulators [Other]
Coupled Reinforcement Mystic Code. A Mystic Code that Fiore designed herself. It takes over the role of her paralyzed legs. It consists of four prosthetic arms equipped to her back. It was forged using a special alloy that easily conducts prana and is possessed by four animal (dog) spirits, so while Fiore can move them according to her will, the arms also move automatically to protect their master.
Unlike the Volumen Hydrargyrum that Kayneth El-Melloi designed, its movement pattern memories are kept to a minimum. When too many movement patterns are recorded into it, it exceeds the thought process limit of the animal spirits. In other words, it is slightly inferior to Volumen Hydrargyrum in terms of attack power. In exchange, its defense—its function to protect its master fully uses the reflex speed of the animals, so it can’t be broken through with a normal Mystic Code.
When she controls it herself, the prana burden is quite large, but when it’s switched to auto-mode, the prana burden is lessened. It is best described as a Mystic Code whose defensive aspect is more strongly ironed out than its offense.
Incidentally, this is a secret to everyone besides Caules, but Fiore gave each arm the pet names Aster, Blanca, Comet and Wolf respectively.

-Hector [Person]
The greatest rival of Rider of Red, Achilles, during his lifetime. He was the strongest hero on the side of Troy during the Trojan War. Also, his younger brother Paris is the perpetrator who caused the Trojan War to happen.
He is the exact opposite of Achilles as a hero, a bearded middle-age man who likes to play the fool. He refers to himself as “mister” (old man) in his speech, and always fights on the battlefield with an easygoing attitude.
He’s ruthless, but not cruel; skilled, yet not gifted. He faced other famous heroes besides Achilles, without retreating a single step… or not; rather, he would often retreat two or three steps and then strike the enemy when their guard’s down, before running away again, and just when they think he’s far away, he throws mud at them; a-anyway, he prided himself at being the strongest when it comes to siege battles.
He uses dual long-sword/throwing spear called Durindana, and by throwing it he managed to pierce through six of the barriers of “Rho Aias: Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens”, which boasts the greatest rank of toughness against projectiles.
In order to settle things once and for all with him, Achilles challenged him to a sink-or-swim duel, where he temporarily gave up his immortality. Unable to resist the temptation of getting the chance to take Achilles’ life, Hector accepted the one-on-one duel and was defeated by a paper-thin difference in skill.
To Achilles, Hector is one of the top three people he never wants to fight again, whether it is before or after his death. The remaining two are Penthesilea and Chiron.

-Pentel Brothers [Person]
When I first started writing these characters, I came up with freelance magi under the theme of “joined”… in other words, conjoined twins… actually, characters like the resistance leader Kuato who appeared in “Total Recall” (the 1990 version), but the Red Masters basically didn’t need to be written in such detail, so I quickly moved it to the discarded ideas pile.
Just like Zugzwang (the magus clan that appeared in the short story that was published in Type Moon Ace), they are the type of magi who divided up their family’s Magic Crest between themselves and display greater power when near each other. “We are 1+1=200…!” Well, these types generally end up disputing with each other as siblings or leave themselves unguarded and die, though.

-Phoebus Catastrophe [Noble Phantasm]
Complaint Message on the Arrow. The Anti-Army Noble Phantasm of Archer of Red, Atalanta. Since her other Noble Phantasm is an unmanageable Mad Enhancement-type Noble Phantasm, a Master would have to make Atalanta fight using this Noble Phantasm as the focal point in order to actually make proper use of her.
She makes a prayer to both Apollo and Artemis, which then causes countless arrows to shoot down from the sky. Its other name, “Soul-Chasing and Life-Stealing Sword”, is incorrect. Also, in “Complete Material”, it was written that it could only attack either men or women at a single time, but that made it too hard to use so it was revised.
Like when she used it against Berserker of Red, Spartacus, in the second volume, it can be used to shoot a narrower area as well, making it a very convenient Noble Phantasm. Though the damage dealt by each individual arrow is small, they attack in great numbers, so the Noble Phantasm is strong against Servants who have low endurance and high agility. Just like she herself is.

-Homunculus [Other]
An artificial life-form made with alchemy. The ones that Yggdmillennia created as part of their army and as sources of prana supply were made using the techniques of the Einzberns, one of the Three Families who held the ritual of the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki. Einzbern homunculi are made using Magic Circuits as their foundation; to put it another way, they are like deteriorated spirits which were spontaneously produced. As a result, they are extremely useful as prana supply batteries.
However, unlike those made by the Einzberns, which are like works of art, the ones made by Yggdmillennia are a mass-produced product made in large numbers. They are inconsistent in their respective quality, but on the other hand this aspect expresses itself in the homunculi who have some slight individuality. Sieg was a prana supply homunculus and at first couldn’t even walk properly. Prana supply homunculi were made with the concept that they just need to produce prana, so many of them very defective as living beings, such as not being able to breathe from the time they were born.
The one put in charge of making them was the most prominent alchemist within Yggdmillennia, Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia… He’s no good at fighting, but he’s actually quite capable when it comes to alchemy.

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