Glossary Ta

-Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia [Person]
A Master of the Black camp. The one who stands at the top of Yggdmillennia. He has the highest rank of Grand, but this is an unusual occurrence that only happened in the “Apocrypha” world. This is because the number of magi in the “Apo” world is sharply dropping due to so many subspecies Holy Grail Wars having occurred. As a consequence of this, almost all the magi who have survived them have slid up one rank higher than their original rank. Darnic, who is at Pride rank, didn’t let this chance slip away and used his skilled forked-tongue to reach “the Grand rank as an honorary position different from the proper Grand rank in commemoration of his achievements to the Association, even though ability-wise he is not at Grand rank.” What’s with this trend that’s like chilly oil which was popular for a certain time? …It’s only natural, though, since Old man Darnic’s Grand rank isn’t something that a true Grand-ranked magus would ever acknowledge.
Darnic himself wasn’t especially concerned with the honor or fame either. He only sought it out because he simply deemed that possessing the Grand rank would be more advantageous for him when acting independently.
However, that doesn’t make Darnic weak; rather, it’s the exact opposite. Fiore also possesses noticeable talent, but she can’t compare to Darnic in terms of tenacity, talent and experience together as a whole. In a normal Holy Grail War or a battle between magi, Darnic would definitely be the winner. The Master of the Red Camp might be able to beat him if they cooperated together, but even that is an uncertainty.
He mainly researched human souls and even managed to succeed in fusing with the soul of a Heroic Spirit in the end. Of course, it was an emergency measure, and his true final goal with it was to raise the accuracy and precision as much as possible and create a “magus who possesses the power of a Heroic Spirit while maintaining the mind of Darnic”.
Also, he is first-class as a magus, but he is first-class as a politician as well. There is an American term used to mock lawyers called Ambulance Chasers, those who follow ambulances and try to get victims to make a lawsuit, but Yggdmillennia was similar to that as well. Apparently, Darnic immediately brought magi who had been crushed in the subspecies Holy Grail wars into his faction and steadily increased the clan’s power and influence behind closed doors.
He isn’t the type of person to extend great effort by choice, but you can glimpse his extraordinary vindictiveness in the way he worked to bring about his revenge for being belittled over the course of many decades. He also feels some slight sympathy for his clan as the head of Yggdmillennia, so the “tenacity of magi who have been driven away to the far corners of the world” may have accumulated within Darnic as a result.
If he never managed to get a hold of the Holy Grail and had simply lived as an ordinary magus, the personality of “Darnic Prestone” would have completely diluted away after living for two hundred years, until only a steel-like magus with the name “Yggdmillennia” was left.
…Even if that happened, Darnic wouldn’t have hesitated in following that path as long as he was able to get closer to the Root as a result. However, would the “personality of Darnic who was diluted away by a massive quantity of souls” have been alive or dead at that point, and would Darnic have been happy even if he managed to reach the Root after all that? That is something he never knew.
Incidentally, he apparently went through a quite a fierce battle against old man Matou during the Third Holy Grail War.

-Third Holy Grail War [Other]
The third occurrence of the Holy Grail War held in Fuyuki. It was the war where, capitalizing on the history of shared failure during the First and Second Wars, a mediator was sent from the Holy Church, forming the current Fuyuki-style Holy Grail War format.
The timelines of this light novel series “Fate/Apocrypha” and the original visual novel “Fate/stay night” diverge at this point. In other words, history changes according to whether the Einzberns choose Avenger or Ruler as their Servant. In the former case, the Greater Grail ends up being contaminated, causing a great disaster in the Fourth War and the Holy Grail being destroyed or shut down in the Fifth War, while in the latter case, the Greater Grail isn’t contaminated, but in exchange, it is stolen away by Darnic.
Oh dear, the Einzberns really are checkmated at all sides.

-Third Sorcery [Other]
Heaven’s Feel, the Cup of Heaven. For further details about it, you should either play the Heaven’s Feel route in the game “Fate/stay night” or, if you’re patient, wait for the animated film version of it.
…Well, I’ll touch upon it lightly at least. It is a mystery that exists in a different dimension from magecraft, one of the final goals that magi seek. Impossible feats that cannot be accomplished in the current era no matter how much time or budget you devote are called sorcery.
There are currently five sorceries in total. The third amongst them—that which the Einzberns have sought for two thousand years is the Third Sorcery, “Heaven’s Feel”. It is true, unquestionable immortality accomplished by materializing the soul. It is definitely a miracle that would undoubtedly result in the salvation of humanity should it be implemented. Sieg is unmistakably evil for having stolen away the possibility of making it a reality.

-Greater Grail [Other]
The Greater Holy Grail created by the Three Families of Fuyuki. It is a giant altar created using the woman known as the Saint of Winter, Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, as the core. It was stolen by Darnic in the Third Holy Grail War. After conducting all sorts of experiments on it, he established it in Trifas, in the country of Romania… I say this without hesitation, but this theft has already transformed beyond being a miracle and turned into a form of idle gossip to the magi who know just what kind of object the Greater Grail is. It’s true that Darnic managed to slip away with it amidst the confusion of the war, but you have to wonder whether Darnic had a few dozen screws loose in his head at the time to consider transporting it from Japan to Romania without letting anyone realize it.

-Double Summon [Skill]
Double Summon. The skill possessed by Assassin of Red, Semiramis. It is an underhanded skill that is only invoked when certain conditions are met during the summoning ritual, like a “command input on the title screen”.
Of course, this kind of skill has some restrictions, with the three Knight classes (Saber, Archer and Lancer) and some of the extra classes (like Ruler, Shielder and Avenger) incapable of being applied to the Double Summon skill. In other words, only a combination of the Berserker, Caster, Assassin or Rider classes is possible. However, though rare, a modern day extra class like Gunner can apparently be combined with another class through this skill.

-Diatrecon Aster Logche [Noble Phantasm]
Speartip of the Star Traversing the Skies. The Noble Phantasm of Rider of Red, Achilles. To describe it in a single phrase, it is a spear for fighting one-on-one. It creates an arena cut off from all of the surrounding environment and time, which isn’t released until one of the combatants is defeated. In terms of magical theory, it is virtually the same as “Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Flamboyant” that Red Saber-san from “Fate/EXTRA” creates.
It can be called the ultimate contest of pure strength and skill that negates even “flukes” caused by things like divine blessings or luck. Achilles used this when he fought Hector. Furthermore, while he fought barehanded in his fight against Chiron, nothing prevents either combatant from using weapons in this arena.
Also, since Achilles killed the Amazoness Queen Penthesilea with this spear, he cannot use it against women. In the first place, this spear can only be used against “those who Achilles wants to fight one-on-one against”. In other words, if Achilles doesn’t “wish to fight them” and the opponent doesn’t have enough courage and skill to respond to his challenge either, Achilles won’t use this spear. Furthermore, even if Achilles himself wants to fight them, he won’t try to forcefully bring his opponents into the one-on-one arena if they don’t want to. It is a Noble Phantasm with a narrow range of enemies it can be used against.
Also, if Achilles should be summoned as a Lancer, it will gain an additional ability separate from the arena creation ability; it is a power that resembles “Gáe Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality”, which “makes healing impossible when one is wounded by this spear”. He doesn’t have his chariot in the Lancer class, but he can wield this spear with divine speed while dashing around the battlefield with equal swiftness, so he is an unmanageable threat in either class.

-Dead Count Shapeshifter [Other]
Dragon Revelation Command Spells. The unique Command Spells engraved on Sieg. They can also be used as normal Command Spells, but there was absolutely no need for Sieg to force Astolfo to do anything with a Command Spell, so he used them all to turn himself into Siegfried. To explain it simply, they basically let Sieg summon Siegfried every time he uses one. The catalyst is Siegfried’s living heart. However, while Siegfried’s body could withstand the dragon blood within it, Sieg’s body can’t. That is reason that the spots on Sieg’s hand where the Command Spells disappeared from turned black. Even after he used them all up, power Sieg obtained from Frankenstein’s “Blasted Tree: Lightning Branch of Crucifixion” managed to barely maintain his human form, but that too was used up when Sieg used this Noble Phantasm at the end.

-Heaven’s Feel [Other]
Cup of Heaven.
→See entry on the Third Sorcery.

-Tool [Person]
One of the homunculi created by Gordes. Though her Magic Circuits are meager, she excels in fighting ability and inspiration, so she was selected as a commander. Just as told in the novels, battle-type homunculi have extremely short lifespans, with a limit of two to three months of life.
For a homunculus, she has a neat and lively personality. If we were describing her using visual novel or light novel terminology, then she would be the “female teacher-type who has sex appeal, but is unfortunately coarse and ill-mannered”.
At Gordes’ request, she has taken charge of thoroughly beating up his son. Naturally, his wife protested when their son was beat up, so Tool beat her up and beat up Gordes too while she was at it, winning supremacy over their family. It is said that, for three months, this homunculus stood at the top of the Musik family.

-Trifas [Place]
Sighișoara is where Vlad III’s family home is. The town next to it is the land managed by Yggdmillennia, Trifas. It was originally the landed overseen by the Prestone family… Darnic’s family. The town resembles Sighișoara, but it has virtually no sightseeing landmarks, so Trifas is rarely considered as a destination in Romania’s sightseeing tours.
Naturally, this is a result of measures taken by Yggdmillennia so as to divert attention away from this land, and members of Yggdmillennia who have secretly infiltrated the country’s travel agencies will immediately take action if someone even brings up Trifas’ name for a sightseeing tour. They do allow a few tourists to visit so as not to make the town too insular and unsociable.
The town’s current population is twenty thousand, and concealed among them are many people connected to Yggdmillennia, who, while not being magi, do know of the existence of magecraft. When tourists go out to bars and the like, the native people all look at them with transparent eyes. Well, an insular town in the countryside is the perfect setting for horror. Horror, you know?

-Trap of Argalia [Noble Phantasm]
Down with a Touch! The second cheat Noble Phantasms of Rider of Black. It is a golden lance that originally belonged to Argalia, a knight of Cathay. With this magic lance that knocks down all those that it touches, Argalia was victorious against all the knights who challenged him in jousting matches, including Astolfo.
However, one knight didn’t surrender after being knocked off his horse and drew his sword. Reluctantly, Argalia fought him with his own sword without using his lance, but he couldn’t match the knight and ran away in the end. Argalia had trusted in the power of his magic lance too much, and so he had promised that the one who beat him would be presented his older sister Angelica (the beautiful woman who was the cause of Roland going mad later on).
Angelica also understood how bad the situation was once she learned of her younger brother’s defeat and so disappeared into hiding, and while the entire jousting contest was in total chaos, Astolfo, who had broken his own lance, noticed Argalia’s lance, remarking “Ah, so there was a lance lying around here”, and he sto… silently borrowed the lance.
Naturally, Astolfo won match after match in jousting contests afterwards.
The Noble Phantasm “Trap of Argalia” is a lance, but its actual power is very low. However, when an opponent is touched by the front tip of the lance, they will be forced into a state of falling down—in other words, their legs are forcibly changed into spiritual form. Of course, this is only temporary (after all, they are only forced into a state of “having fallen down”), and they can recover in a short period of time, but just as demonstrated in the third volume, it possesses extremely strong compelling force that can “even topple a giant”.
Incidentally, after Astolfo managed to survive through several battles with this lance, he entrusted this lance to the female knight Bradamante, the cousin of Roland. Naturally, Astolfo freely gave away such a precious lance because he didn’t know about its ability at all. As for how he kept winning in jousting matches, he apparently thought, “I ‘awakened’ the power unconsciously sealed inside me!” How awful.

-Trimmau [Other]
The advanced version of the “Volumen Hydrargyrum: Marrow of the Moon Spirit” Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald used for battles of magecraft in “Fate/Zero”. Currently, the legitimate El-Melloi successor, Reines, is using it as a mercury maid. She (the maid) specializes not only in acting as a bodyguard, but also in using her body to clean and invade places.
People think that she was made by Lord El-Melloi II, but he actually only gave advice to Reines. There are still many secrets regarding the full details of her abilities. These details should be brought to light in “Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files” (Author: Sanda Makoto), so please look forward to it. (It’s my style to throw difficult subjects at Mr. Sanda.)

-Troias Tragōidia [Noble Phantasm]
Tempestuous Immortal Chariot. The Noble Phantasm of Rider of Red, Achilles. An A rank chariot driven by three steeds. The horses consist of the two divine horses which the sea god Poseidon gave to Achilles’ father Peleus as a wedding gift, Xanthus and Balius, and the famous horse which Achilles stole from a city he attacked using his divine horses, Pedasos. According to legend, Achilles’ chariot is thought to been driven by three or four horses. Xanthus and Balius apparently served as the central pivot while Pedasos had a supporting role.
As divine horses received from Poseidon, Xanthus and Balius were clearly stated to have both been immortal in the original texts. After being summoned as a Servant’s Noble Phantasm, they aren’t quite immortal, but at the very least, they can be considered as tough as Servants themselves.
When Achilles is summoned as a Rider, his most harshly prana-consuming Noble Phantasm is this chariot. In the worst case, it is estimated that it can consume enough prana to summon another Servant besides Achilles.
Xanthus is a truly unpleasant horse who has fun telling Achilles when he falls into a dangerous situation.

-Träumerei [Song Title]
A music composition by Robert Schumann. It is the seventh piece from the set of thirteen collectively called “Kinderszenen” (English: “Scenes from Childhood”). Träumerei means “to see a dream” in German, and in this case it might be most accurate to translate it as a “dream state of mind”.
It is the tune that Rikudou Reika played after being badgered by Assassin of Black, Jack the Ripper. However, Schumann didn’t actually compose this set of music pieces for children, but rather for adults to reminisce and yearn for their childhood—hence the allusion of a tune for the sake of seeing a dream. If Reika knew this, then perhaps she didn’t choose this tune just for Jack, but also to reveal the way she felt as if she were in a dream right now.

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