Chapter 2-20

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Chapter 2


A thick fog suddenly appeared in the midst of the battlefield. The homunculi within it were perplexed by it and stopped moving—and then felt an impact like burning sparks from inside their noses.

As they collapsed and fell to their knees one after another, an innocent and laughing voice like that of a fairy resounded above their heads.

“There’s lots, lots and lots and lots, everyone looks so yummy!”

The homunculi concluded that it was an enemy and tried to ready their weapons, but they had no strength left. Even if they stopped breathing, they had already breathed in the air and their lungs hurt as if they were being pulled up with something like needles.

It was no good; they had to run away. Throwing away their weapons, they took two or three unsteady footsteps—and fell down. They couldn’t put any strength into their legs. Their heads throbbed as if gushing with insects, and their thoughts fell into messy confusion.

“He… lp…”

One of them muttered that while wheezing. And in response…

“Ufufu, there are so many I don’t know which to choose first. What should I do~♪”

The cry for help was rejected by the innocent words of a young girl.

It hurt so much their eyes melted. The air they breathed scorched their lungs. The feeling of having their hearts corrode away was terrible.

Ah, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, someone, please, help——————!

“Then, let’s dig in!”

Charming yet cruel words that were as sickly-sweet as sugar. In an instant, the internal organs which were essential for living were gouged out from them. The homunculi, who originally should have had a limited capacity to express emotions, screamed in terror.

But those screams were covered by the heavy fog and faded away without reaching anyone.

This fog was truly the stomach of a monster, a space of absolute murder. You died just by being inside it, and even if you tried running away or resisting, you still died. The one who ruled this space was a serial killer—‘Jack the Ripper’.

“Thanks for the meal.”

Night and fog. Always taking the first move without exception, she continued increasing her victims without ever being questioned by anyone—


The battlefield was already in a state that could only be loved by the god of chaos.

Arrows of light had fallen down like rain as the opening attack, and a chariot pulled by three steeds had run through the skies. Stakes of death gushed forth one after another in swarms while a spearman clad in flames attacked them. A bowman who seemed to have become one with the forest challenged a mounted warrior who had gotten off his chariot, while a beast-like bow-woman ran about the battlefield and turned a mad warrior, who continued smiling even while being reduced to a disgusting lump of meat, into a hedgehog full of arrows. Another mad warrior continued rampaging without ever running out of breath as if she were a Perpetual Motion Machine, while a mediator who seemed like a monster maintained his calm as he fought her. Stone giants, homunculi whose expressions never changed as they wrecked destruction, Dragon Tooth Warriors who pushed forward no matter how much they were smashed apart. A swordswoman who looked like lump of steel was opposed by a lovely-looking mounted warrior wielding a lance. An ancient queen had launched a surprise attack with her floating fortress in order to oppose magi who had shut themselves inside a sturdy castle, while a serial killer hid herself within the fog—

The blood of homunculi dyed the grass-covered plains scarlet, and the rubble of golems and Dragon Tooth Warriors fell and piled up everywhere like snow.

The word [peace] no longer existed in this place where everyone fought and tried to kill one another.

The Great Holy Grail War was speeding up more and more, coiling around and submerging those who got close to it like liquefied sludge.

And the ones who appeared on this hellish land of chaos were the supreme referee of the Great Holy Grail War—Ruler, also known as Jeanne d’Arc, and one other person who accompanied her.

Her companion was the homunculus who called himself Sieg.


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