Color Illustrations

(Typeset courtesy of castor212)

8 thoughts on “Color Illustrations

    • That’s because in Fate/Extra, Vlad is not really summoned as himself. Instead, Fate/Extra!Vlad has the skill “Innocent Monster”, so you could say he is summoned as the monster “Dracula” (he even has fangs in his artwork), the legend that was based on him. He was not truly a monster in real life, but his appearance and personality have been distorted by said skill, which came into existence due to people’s perception of him and the way he was recorded in history. On top of that, there is his high-ranking “Protection of the Faith” skill, which makes him even more insane. Hope that makes sense to you!


    • Since the black and white illustrations can be a bit too spoilerish compared to the Color ones which are meant to be a preview on purpose, they aren’t put in this page. But don’t worry, each image appears with the rest of the text when they appear in the story, so you can find them if you continue reading.


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