Glossary Ma

-Maria the Ripper [Noble Phantasm]
Holy Mother of Dissection. The Noble Phantasm of Assassin of Black, Jack the Ripper. It is a Noble Phantasm that has sublimated the Jack the Ripper murders as a concept, of a somewhat different nature than normal assassination-type Noble Phantasms. By fulfilling three conditions when activating the Noble Phantasm, its power is doubled. First condition: the target is female (including female animals as well). Second condition: there is fog out. Third condition: it is night. In a Holy Grail War, it is relatively easy to fulfill all but the first of these conditions, so in that regard it can be considered an easy to use Noble Phantasm.
And when this is combined with Jack’s skill “Information Erasure”, she can act more than sufficiently as a member of the Assassin class.
However, though her Noble Phantasm’s power is great, its damage is determined by the target’s resistance to curses. It is difficult for “Maria the Ripper” to deal its full power just as planned against enemies, except for modern day Heroic Spirits. Only if she has a Master that is the best in terms of magecraft and all three conditions are fulfilled can this Noble Phantasm have power equal to the average “Zabaniya” used by the Hassans.

-Fortress of Millennia [Place]
The fortress where the Black Masters and Servants are gathered. It is a huge fortress that is big enough to take up half the area of Trifas. It is even bigger and more complex than most famous European castles, and it has been made unbelievably secure thanks to the combination of various Mystic Codes and defensive spells that Yggdmillennia has stored there over the past sixty years. Homunculi continue keeping guard day and night, and golems that move to intercept the moment they sense movement are hidden in some of the pillars, floors and ceilings.
The clan’s leader, who has barely aged at all, is a good example of what happens when you manically prepare beforehand. However, half of all those scrupulous preparations were blown away with a single punch from a certain mad warrior…

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