Chapter 2-2

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Chapter 2


“There really isn’t anyone out at all.”

Rikudou Reika sighed as she looked down at the dead streets with no sign of humans present from a third-story window. It was always like this here recently. When it became nighttime, the city became as still as death.

Mother1, shouldn’t we move to a different town soon?”

Reika’s Servant—Assassin of Black pulled at her shirt sleeve.

“I suppose so. Next is Trifas, right?”

Assassin nodded her head. But then her expression immediately turned downcast.

“But, that might be a bit dangerous. Since all the others are still alive.”

“The others?”

“The other Servants like us2.”

“…Yeah. Now that you mention it, there are others besides Jack. It’d be a bit scary to go where they are.”

Reika commented in a carefree manner, and Assassin also agreed.

“Yeah. We are Assassin, after all. Surprise attacks are our specialty, but it’s impossible for us to face multiple enemies. We would definitely die first.”

Assassin, with the face of a very young girl, calmly spoke that cold fact.

“But they’re trying to kill each other, right?”

“Yes. The magi and Servant have divided into the Red and Black camps and should be in the midst of fighting each other.”

“Then for now, why don’t we go over there while at the same time taking a wait-and-see approach? If there’s a chance, you can go and eat, and if it’s dangerous, we can run away.”

Assassin of Black thought over Reika’s suggestion for a short while. Although Reika and Assassin were connected through their contract, Reika was a complete amateur when it came to magecraft, so she could provide almost no prana. Therefore, Assassin had been supplying herself with prana by devouring the souls of humans.

Naturally, this method had heavy demerits for a Servant, but there were slight merits to it as well. Reika didn’t emit any presence of magecraft, so the chances of being discovered by another Master were extremely low. If Assassin used [Presence Concealment] as well, Rikudou Reika would probably be overlooked as a completely ordinary human.

Most of all, Assassin wanted to confirm how many Servants that she couldn’t kill herself currently remained.

“Yeah, we could go now. —But it seems another magus has come to this city.”

After pondering whether to go to Trifas, the two of them came to a decision for the time being.

“Oh my, is that so? Then shall we make them your last meal in Sighișoara?”

“…Yeah, let’s. But Mother, you can’t come to watch today. It might be more dangerous than usual.”

“All right. Then I’ll wait here. Take care.”

“Yeah. We’re heading out. Hey, hey. When we come back, we want to eat hamburgers again… Is that okay?”

“Of course. I’ve already bought the ingredients, so I’ll borrow the kitchen to make it.”

Assassin was bashfully happy at those words, and then she jumped out from the third-story window. Reika waved her hand with a smile and watched her depart.

Now then. Reika didn’t know when exactly Assassin would return, but in any case, she had to prepare a delicious meal for that darling girl—

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(1) Assassin of Black overlaps the word “Mother” when she says “Master”, but for simplicity’s sake I’ll just stick to “Mother” from here on unless the circumstances are special.

(2) Assassin refers to herself not in the singular as “I” or “me”, but in the plural as “we” and “us”.

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