Short Story: Zugzwang Translated!

Hey guys, long time no see. I’m afraid I don’t have any news about the progress of the project yet, but I do have something new for you to feast on: a F/A short story that was recently released in the Type Moon Ace magazine. Similar to the original short story “Unbirth”, which was released way back when before the light novel series started, it follows the story of Assassin of Black and her Master Rikudou Reika before they arrive in Romania to participate in the Great Holy War. This story isn’t a simple rewrite of Unbirth, though; it’s a brand new tale that expands on what happened after Reika became Assassin’s Master. No need to worry about spoilers, either, since the story mostly deals with bonus material that doesn’t particular impact reading the novels, so there shouldn’t be a problem if you have read at least up to Vol 2. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy this extra piece in the Fate/Apocrypha series, as you wait for more of Vol 3.

Here’s the link.

P.S. Again, I am not in a position to talk about Canon Rap’s progress on Vol 3, so please do not direct your questions regarding it to me. I say this to avoid any misunderstandings on the matter.

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15 thoughts on “Short Story: Zugzwang Translated!

  1. Sweet. Any chance of you doing volume five? No offense to CR, but it’s kind of silly to take up a project when you can’t even give proper updates on updating.


  2. I know you cannot talk about CR progress but still… 8 months and only chapter 1 part 1 (Not chapter 1 full). I don’t know what to say again.


      • You sure have a very big heart huh. Thank you for your advice. Like what Out say on top comment, “No offense to CR, but it’s kind of silly to take up a project when you can’t even give proper updates on updating.”


  3. Thank you guys for all your hard work. It’s worth all the wait I can handle if it means more Apocrypha. Again, thank you guys!


  4. Once you’re done with Apo whenever and caught up to the other project you’re starting, think there’s any chance you’d pick up Prototype Fragments? There is one guy going a fragmented and spotty translation, but it would be nice to have it done proper.


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